Visit at the Rivian Space in Venice

We want to share a few impressions of the The Rivian Space in Venice, California from our visit back in May 2022. The Venice hub opened to the public late 2021 and is the company’s first brick and mortar location. In the recent months Rivian has opened other spaces in New York, Vancouver in Seattle.

The hubs are spaces for EV enthusiasts and potential customers to gather, learn more about the automaker and its EV offerings, and connect with the community (and just have fun!).

Rivian doesn’t want its Spaces to be referred to as retail locations (you can’t buy/order a car there) – although there are on-site vehicles (both the R1S and R1T) to look at and cool/friendly employees to chat with and answer questions. The Venice Space invites visitors to hang out in a modern library space and also has a beautiful garden. Another part of the Space is devoted to a super creative way of seeing their colors, materials and finishes in person. Additionally, it offers workshops focused on sustainable living, such as edible gardening classes, and free meditation classes.

We enjoyed our visit so much that we went back a 2nd time, this time scheduling a test drive which really sealed the emotional deal for us – the R1S really drive like a dream.

We recommend a visit to everybody to wants to get to know this innovative automaker in this unique and cool environment! You can also buy some cool swag and it’s totally kid friendly! If you want to take a test drive, be sure and schedule an appointment!