Happy Halloween!

Pumpkin patch pitstop: Fall vibes and electric rides! We drove to the beautiful Santa Barbara wine country and went back to the fabulous Summerset Farm near Santa Ynez to pick up our pumpkins! They don’t only have fantastic gourds for the spooky season, but also a fantastic produce stand with all sorts of goodies – berries, local honey, homemade jams, free range eggs, and more!

Needless to say that we needed to decorate our Rivian’s frunk to be ready for a proper “trunk or treat” – ghosts included!

Since this season gets us in a poetic mood, here’s a little poem:

At Summerset Farm, ‘neath the sky so blue,
Giant gourds give a spooky preview.
Pumpkins aplenty, on hay they’re strewn,
Oranges, whites, a harvest moon’s boon.

Barrels stand guard like sentinels true,
While a cart awaits, for the afternoon.
A festival of fall, in the bright daylight,
Awaiting the dusk, for frights and delight.

Here gourds of every shape make the scene,
A prelude to Halloween’s jovial routine.
With a backdrop of laughter, children’s scream,
Celebrating the season, in the daylight gleam.

Check out our photos: